NBSP Anonymous Recognition

People TogetherThe US National Biometric Security Project is a non-profit agency principally funded by the US Federal Government to improve the security of the nation by developing and supporting new initiatives in biometrics. Dr. Campbell led a team of consultants and contractors to architect and build (to the working prototype level) a system which could provide individual verification of identity in a completely anonymous environment. This required analyzing how identity management was handled in existing government and commercial applications, reviewing the available technology and determining whether or not and if so, by what mechanism (both in terms of technical feasibility and business process compatibility), it was possible to replace the existing means of identity management with a mechanism that retained the anonymity of the individual involved. Typically such anonymity does not mean that the individual in question is unknown to the government agency which enrols him or her into the system. It does mean that the identity which has been created by the first agency can be used to verify the person to another agency while demonstrating it is impossible for information about the individual to leak from one agency to another. In the process of designing this system, Dr. Campbell architected a number of novel approaches to identity masking and multi-layer encryption which allowed the system to achieve its goals. Ultimately a working prototype system was developed and proven to function exactly according to specifications, although it only had a capacity for tens of thousands of anonymized individual identities rather than the tens of millions required in the production system.