ILO SID Independent Evaluation Scheme

thumbThe International Labour Organization has adopted a new global regime of Seafarers’ Identity Documents to enable biometric verification of the identity of seafarers. ILO Convention No. 185 (C185), the international treaty supporting this regime requires secure document issuance systems which need to be reviewed by independent evaluators to ensure they meet all necessary requirements. Dr. Campbell designed a methodology for conducting such independent reviews which identified the business requirements, processes and procedures likely to be used in seafarer’s identity document schemes and mapped that to the legal requirements of the Convention. He then translated this to a checklist of requirements to cover such areas as physical document layout, physical document security, blank stock control, database security, biometric data format, biometric enrolment procedures, responsibilities for staff involved in document issuance, and every other area of a secure document issuance process. The requirements were then embedded in a self help tool that allows governments to review their policies, procedures, legislation and system implementation to identify where it satisfies and where it differs from the requirements. It also allows independent evaluators to review the system in place within a specific country and record what they find and where it deviates from the requirements, thus forming the basis of an independent evaluator’s report. Currently 30 countries have made C185 binding law and will have to follow the requirements of the checklist, but it is expected that this will grow to between 50 and 100 countries over the next decade. Dr. Campbell has briefed senior government officials in several of these countries (including Indonesia, UK, Canada and the Russian Federation) on how to implement the requirements outlined in the checklist and how to adapt their existing business processes and IT infrastructure to support these requirements.