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John CampbellDr. Campbell, lead consultant at Bion Biometrics, has over twenty years experience in developing technology solutions and determining how best to integrate them into existing architecture and processes. He has fifteen years experience specifically in biometric technologies. This experience spans both the government and private sector and extends all the way to developing new global standards to accommodate biometric technologies in identity documents and border crossing.

Currently, Dr. Campbell is the principal technical expert on biometrics and identity management for the International Labour Organization (ILO), a special agency of the United Nations. He serves as ILO representative to the ISO/IEC JTC-1 SC 37 Biometrics Committee and has played a leading role in the development of biometrics standards in the US, Canada and internationally since 2002. Dr. Campbell has been the editor of two ISO biometrics standards and co-editor of five others, as well as of several US national standards. In the specific area of testing biometric systems to ensure they conform to standards, Dr. Campbell is the world’s leading expert, having developed the conceptual framework used by ANSI and ISO for separating conformance, performance and interoperability testing into multiple levels and types and also having written a large portion of the technical content of the relevant standards. Dr Campbell has developed test methodologies to verify that biometric systems meet all required conformance and performance specifications and has tested systems from more than 20 different vendors across the globe. He has also developed architectural frameworks to incorporate biometric systems into document issuance and identity management systems, including testing of operational biometric systems in the field. The Biometric Performance Toolkit for which he led the development has been deployed to monitor and report performance on every kiosk and gate in the New Zealand SmartGate Automated Border Control system since its initial pilot in 2009.

Dr. Campbell has worked as a Canadian government employee at DND and as a consultant at Transport Canada, Public Safety and CBSA. He has also provided consulting and advice on biometric systems to international organizations such as ILO, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the Secretariat of the Pacific Community and to multiple government agencies in Canada, US, UK, New Zealand, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia and others.